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If you can visualize it,  you can make it.  That's the motto nationally recognized seamstress,  Jean Haas lives by.  After more than 2 decades of creating custom fitted clothing for a variety of clients,  Haas is now working to educate sewers with her exclusive dress form design classes and video series.  From her body drafting pants video to custom bra taping,  Haas has sewers covered from head to toe.  


Jeans' story began with her daughter's need for equestrian attire.  A career lauched from those first pair of leather chaps.  She is proud to say she has dressed national equestrian champions,  public figures,  performing artists,  and tv personalities.  Because of her extensive expertise,  she has taught at prestigious events such as the American Sewing Guild Convention. 

She previously spent her time traveling the country taking her exclusive pattern fitting process to sewers in desperate need of that "perfect fit."   Now, she is offering those classes online to educate everyone on pattern fitting who never thought they can achieve perfection.  

Jean is an active member of the ASG and PACC.  She is in the process of producing more products for those searching for perfection.  Watch for her future videos and her upcoming interview in Threads Magazine early next summer.

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