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Recommended Supplies for Dressform Workshop

Here are Jean's picks of everything from the type of duct tape to the turtleneck and all that goes in between!
  1. The recommended duct tape to be used for your duct tape double are the Max and Professional Strength Duck Brand Tape seen below.

  2. The LE3NO Women's turtleneck is for being taped onto.  Choose the color white.  It should be cotton based with a blend of spandex/lycra.  Duct tape won't adhere to nylon based turtlenecks.

  3. The turtleneck dresses (choose white) are for making your dressform cover.  The extra length is needed to wrap to the crotchline with a drawstring casing.

  4. For more detailed size measurements when selecting your turtleneck dress: click here and chose the size chart next to the size option

  5. Choose the 36"by 45" quilt batting if you are slim and petite; otherwise choose the 90"by108" for larger sizes.

  6. Choose the polyester fiberfill for your stuffing.  Your size determines how much you need.

  7. Also, don't forget to choose your pillow.

  8. If you have any questions...please contact me by clicking here.

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