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Clone Yourself A Dress Form Double (2 DVD Set)

with Jean Haas

$65.00  was $75.00


Online Class




Everything you need to make an exact custom dress form.

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate


Online Video/DVD Overview

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Want to learn the secrets of how to make your own custom dress form, from someone who has specialized, tested and perfected this custom dress form process for over 20 years?

Dear Sewing Friend,


"I can fit everyone else but I can't fit myself!"  I often hear this echoed by many accomplished sewers.


Until now!


Got a turtleneck and some duct tape?  Then you can easily make yourself a custom dress form....anytime, over and over again.

Make one for yourself, your Mom, your sister or friend.  How about your daughter who lives far away from you?  Make their patterns fit perfectly without them even being in front of you.  All you need is their dress form.

It's Fast and Easy! You can even gain or lose weight and have another form made instantly without a lot of expense!  

How to make a Dress Form Double is the DVD that will show you how to:

  • Properly prepare the materials and yourself before getting taped

  • See which brand of duct tape works the best in making your form

  • How to tape so that you won't be claustrophobic!

  • How to tape problem areas

  • How to build the stand and base

  • A detailed pictured parts list with item #'s from your local builders supply store for building your stand and base--Just hand the list to the clerk for them to pick it out for you.  It's as easy as that!

  • Step by Step directions to properly stuffing your dress form (you can easily distort the form without this knowledge)

  • How to tape your neckline and your arms

  • How to cover an existing dress form with your new custom sewing form 

  • Special extras!!  How to make a tool caddy for your pins and scissors

  • How to make a revolving turntable base

  • How to properly mount the form to resemble your Sillohette

  • The eight things that you should NOT DO!

  • How to make custom arms and legs for your mannequin....never seen on dress forms before!

  • And much more . . .

Watch as custom designer Jean Haas shows you how to quickly master the art of creating your most accurate dress form double on a shoestring budget.

Learn how to choose the right supplies, how to properly prepare for taping, how to perfectly capture your shape with tape, how to add legs to your sewing form, how to customize arms to your dress form, and make a stand and revolvable base.

You'll be amazed at how easy it can be, once you know these inside secrets!

Highly recommended. Now On DVD video format. Each video is 45 minutes long.

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Jean Haas


If you can visualize it,  you can make it.  That's the motto nationally recognized seamstress,  Jean Haas lives by.  After more than 2 decades of creating custom fitted clothing for a variety of clients,  Haas is now working to educate sewers with her exclusive dress form design classes and video series.  From her custom dress form videos to online draping classes on the dress form,  Haas has sewers covered from head to toe.  

Jeans' story began with her daughter's need for equestrian attire.  A career lauched from those first pair of leather chaps.  She is proud to say she has dressed national equestrian champions,  public figures,  performing artists,  and tv personalities.  Because of her extensive expertise,  she has taught at prestigious events such as the American Sewing Guild Convention. 

She currently is taking her exclusive pattern fitting process online to sewers in desperate need of that "perfect fit."   Her focus is on custom dress forms, draping and fitting sewing patterns and educating sewers who never thought they can achieve perfection.  Jean system is proving they can do it!

Jean has also been a featured author in Threads and Vogue Patterns Magazine.  She is in the process of producing more products for those searching for perfection.  

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